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How to Play VAOOOW the Game of Pleasure?

 The game consists of 2 parts…

The First Game: Pleasure Games; You will discover your ways of pleasure with the map that appears here. There is no way forward without making your partner say VAOOOW.

The Second Game: A wheel that will spice up your sex life with the BOOM section; And it’s not over…

Don’t forget to practice the last two steps of the First Game. The key to more frequent sex is hidden in those last 2 steps.

How to use VAOOOW Fall in Love?

VAOOOW Fall In Love is a PLEASURE CANDLE specially designed for you..

It consists entirely of natural oils. Usage: Burned like a classic candle.

After  it is burned for 5-10 minutes, it is extinguished and it is expected to cool down a little.

Take the melted cream on your finger and apply it to the desired area.

You can apply it by massaging the entire body and external genital area. Because the melting degree is low, it does not burn the skin.

It is made entirely from natural oils.

The Ritual suggested by the Sexual Counselor Filiz Tüfek for Candle will be sent to you with the product.

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